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Voice Disorders in Bakersfield

Voice disorders typically originate in the vocal cords. While these disorders can be acute or chronic, they can all make it difficult to communicate. Bakersfield Sinus Center is proud to offer treatment for voice disorders to the residents of Bakersfield, Porterville, CA and surrounding communities.

What Are Voice Disorders?

Voice disorders are difficulties enunciating or projecting the voice due to problems with the vocal cords. When the vocal cords are inflamed or become affected by other conditions that prevent them from working properly, voice disorders will begin to develop. In most cases, voice disorders can be treated quickly and effectively when addressed early on.

In order to effectively treat voice disorders, they must be properly diagnosed. At Bakersfield Sinus Center, we offer voice disorder diagnosis and treatment to help patients find relief.

Voice Disorders in Bakersfield, CA
Voice Disorders in Bakersfield, CA

How Are Voice Disorders Diagnosed?

Voice disorders can be complex conditions due to the variety of ways that the vocal cords can be affected. If you are experiencing difficulty speaking, projecting your voice, or enunciating your words, we recommend visiting a medical professional to receive an accurate diagnosis and ensure that you receive the proper treatment.

Voice disorders have several common causes, including the inflammation of vocal cords, growths of tissue that block or paralyze the vocal cords, infections, and acid reflux. When you visit Bakersfield Sinus Center, we assess your symptoms and perform an examination to determine the source of your voice disorder. Once we determine the primary cause, we can recommend a treatment that will work for you.

How Are Voice Disorders Treated?

The treatment of your voice disorder will depend on your diagnosis.

In some cases, we may recommend a laryngoscopy to further assess and/or treat your disorder. This involves inserting a small tube through the nose and into the throat. By using this tool, we will be able to inspect the vocal cords and pinpoint any concerns. Then, we will be able to recommend an appropriate treatment.

If you are experiencing a disorder due to acid reflux, we will recommend reflux treatment. Reflux treatment may include medications and lifestyle changes to reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms.

Bakersfield Sinus Center is also proud to offer professional voice care. Our team of voice professionals will work with you one-on-one to eliminate any abnormalities in the voice. Whether your voice disorder is a minor issue or a chronic problem, our professional voice care services can make a difference.

Can Voice Disorders Be Completely Cured?

At Bakersfield Sinus Center, our goal is to help you achieve an improved quality of life by providing long-term relief from voice disorders. However, the cause of your voice disorders will determine the extent and duration of the results you are able to achieve.

If your voice disorder is caused by infections, growths or related conditions, treating and eliminating these conditions will typically result in quick and significant improvements in your vocal quality. You will be able to enjoy long-lasting relief from your voice disorders as a result.

If your voice disorder is caused by reflux or other chronic or recurring conditions, correcting your voice disorder may not happen overnight. If you fall into this category, you can typically expect regular treatments and appointments with both Dr. Vadapalli and our professional voice care team. By consistently working on your voice disorder over time, you can achieve the best results.

If you would like to learn more about treating voice disorders, contact us today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Vadapalli. We are proud to serve patients living in Bakersfield, Porterville, and the neighboring areas of California.


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