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Hearing Reconstruction in Bakersfield

If a patient has experienced hearing loss due to an injury, disease or even natural development, we may recommend hearing reconstruction. Bakersfield Sinus Center offers this treatment to the residents of Porterville, Bakersfield, CA and surrounding cities.

What is Hearing Reconstruction?

Hearing reconstruction is a surgical procedure that is performed to restore hearing to patients who may have suffered from injury or improper development of the ears. When the ear canal becomes blocked or misshapen, hearing can become incredibly difficult. It often becomes difficult to distinguish different noises, or even hear them at all.

With hearing reconstruction at Bakersfield Sinus Center, we restore the shape and function to the eardrum and the ear canal in order to enhance a patient’s ability to hear. 

Hearing Reconstruction in Bakersfield, CA
Hearing Reconstruction in Bakersfield, CA

Why Choose Satish R. Vadapalli, MD for Your Hearing Reconstruction?

Dr. Vadapalli specializes in procedures involving the ears and the surrounding areas of the face. With over two decades of experience, he is an ideal candidate for performing hearing reconstruction and related procedures. No matter what treatment you are receiving, you can always expect the attentive and personalized care for which we are known.

What is the Hearing Reconstruction Treatment Like?

Hearing reconstruction is performed using either general or local anesthesia, depending on the patient’s preference and a number of other factors. Once anesthesia is administered, we will incorporate a number of surgical techniques to reshape the ear canal and address the other features of the ears. These may include surgical excision, laser technology or skin grafting. 

The extent of the hearing reconstruction procedure will depend on the patient’s symptoms and exact condition. Prior to the treatment, we will perform extensive tests in order to diagnose the condition and develop a treatment plan that will be most effective.

What is the Hearing Reconstruction Recovery Like?

After hearing reconstruction, it can take time for the ears to fully adjust to the results. Patients may find that they are sensitive to loud noises in the weeks following their treatment. It is also common to experience general soreness or sensitivity in the ears for some time. However, aside from these effects, the recovery process from hearing reconstruction is quite uneventful. Patients are generally able to resume their normal activities within days of treatment.

What Results Can I Expect from Hearing Reconstruction?

Hearing reconstruction enhances a patient’s sense of hearing within days of the procedure. When hearing reconstruction is performed for a child, they often benefit from an improved hearing ability that enhances their development. Speech, hearing, concentration, and even temperament can improve as a result of hearing reconstruction.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Vadapalli and determine if hearing reconstruction is right for you or your child. We are proud to serve patients living in Bakersfield, Porterville, and the neighboring areas of California.


"I have been a patient of Dr. Vadapalli since 2006 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I have always been happy with the service I received at this office. Dr. Vadapalli is an attentive and caring doctor. I highly recommend him for your medical needs."

-Judy T.


"Excellent service, clean, prompt, professional. Dr. Vadapalli is awesome, kind, great bedside manner. Made me feel very comfortable. So happy to have found the group."

-Jackie C.