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Nasal Valve Repair in Bakersfield

When the nostrils become obstructed by the nasal valve, it can dramatically impact your ability to breathe. At Bakersfield Sinus Center, we offer nasal valve repair to help patients in Porterville and Bakersfield, CA, find relief from these symptoms.

What is Nasal Valve Repair?

Nasal valve repair is a treatment designed to restore structure to the nasal valves and restore a patient’s ability to breathe. The nasal airway can become obstructed by the nasal valves or other cartilage in the nose. When this happens, you will experience breathing difficulties and related symptoms. In order to correct these symptoms, the nasal valve must be repaired in order to enhance air flow.

At Bakersfield Sinus Center, we use the Latera® Absorbable Nasal Implant for nasal valve repair. This device provides support to the nasal cartilage to enhance air flow until it is absorbed and no longer needed.

Nasal Valve Repair in Bakersfield, CA
Nasal Valve Repair in Bakersfield, CA

Why Choose Satish R. Vadapalli, MD for Your Nasal Valve Repair?

Dr. Vadapalli specializes in procedures involving the nose and the surrounding areas of the face. With over two decades of experience, he is an ideal candidate for performing nasal valve repair and related procedures. No matter what treatment you are receiving, you can always expect the attentive and personalized care for which we are known.

What is the Nasal Valve Repair Treatment Like?

Nasal valve repair with Latera® absorbable nasal implant is a minimally invasive procedure. It is typically performed using local anesthesia. After anesthesia, the first step in treatment is to make an incision in the nose. These incisions are placed on the inside of the nostrils, so there is no risk of visible scarring during nasal valve repair.

Once incisions are made, the Latera® implant is inserted. It is placed in the center of the nose, where the cartilage requires support. After being implanted, the incisions will be closed and the treatment will be complete.

What is the Nasal Valve Repair Treatment Recovery Like?

After your nasal valve repair treatment, we will apply a bandage to the nose and you will be able to return home shortly. You may experience minor swelling and discomfort in the nose. These symptoms may take a few months to completely resolve, although they should only be noticeable during the first few weeks.

What Results Can I Expect from the Nasal Valve Repair Treatment?

After your initial recovery period, you will begin noticing the results from your nasal valve repair treatment. These results include an improvement in your ability to breathe. The Latera® implant takes approximately 18 months to dissolve. As it dissolves, your body produces collagen to take its place. As a result, you can enjoy the benefits of the Latera® absorbable nasal implant for long after it has been absorbed.

Want to find out if nasal valve repair with Latera® is right for you? Contact ustoday to schedule your consultation at Bakersfield Sinus Center. We welcome patients from Bakersfield, Porterville, and the nearby areas of California.


"I have been a patient of Dr. Vadapalli since 2006 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I have always been happy with the service I received at this office. Dr. Vadapalli is an attentive and caring doctor. I highly recommend him for your medical needs."

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