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Nose Bleeds (Epistaxis)

Nosebleeds are an incredibly common yet rarely serious condition. For patients who frequently experience nosebleeds, we may recommend one of several treatments. Bakersfield Sinus Center offers these treatments to residents of Porterville, Bakersfield, and the surrounding areas of California.

What Are Nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds, also called epistaxis, are incredibly common. They are a result of bleeding from the nostril, nasal canal, or the nearby parts of the nose. Nosebleeds are rarely life threatening, and can typically be treated within a matter of minutes without the need for professional care. However, if they become frequent or severe, you may want to consider treatment. Bakersfield Sinus Center is proud to offer treatments for nosebleeds to help patients reduce their frequency and severity.

Nose Bleeds (Epistaxis) in Bakersfield, CA
Nose Bleeds (Epistaxis) in Bakersfield, CA

How Are Nosebleeds Diagnosed?

Nosebleeds are an unmistakable condition, and are therefore quite easy to diagnose. If you are experiencing nosebleeds that are frequent or particularly severe, you may want to consider seeking professional care.

Common causes of nosebleeds include injury, nose picking, or nasal dryness. When you visit Bakersfield Sinus Center, we assess your symptoms and perform an examination to determine the source of your nosebleeds. Once we determine the primary cause, we can recommend a treatment that will work for you.

How Are Nosebleeds Treated?

The treatment of your nasal obstruction will depend on your diagnosis.

If you are experiencing infrequent nosebleeds, the best approach is to sit upright, lean your head forward slightly, and pinch your nostrils shut for a few minutes. This can minimize the blood loss from a minor nosebleed.

If you are experiencing frequent nosebleeds due to nasal dryness, we may recommend allergy testing and subsequent allergy treatment. Allergies are one of the leading causes of nasal dryness, so addressing the allergies can help maintain hydration in the nose and prevent future nosebleeds.

For nosebleeds that are caused by other damage to the nose, we may recommend septoplasty or cauterization. These treatments can correct the shape of the nose and the positioning of the cartilage to minimize your risk of nosebleeds in the future.

Can Nosebleeds Be Completely Cured?

At Bakersfield Sinus Center, our goal is to help you achieve an improved quality of life by providing long-term relief from nosebleeds. However, the cause of your nosebleeds will determine the extent and duration of the results you are able to achieve.

Our nosebleed treatments can help minimize the risk of future nosebleeds. However, injuries and habits like nose picking can still result in a nosebleed even after effective treatment. It is important to take these factors into consideration when seeking treatment for nosebleeds and making lifestyle adjustments to minimize them in the future.

Are you suffering from frequent nosebleeds? Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Vadapalli. We are proud to offer nosebleed treatments to men and women living in Porterville, Bakersfield, and the surrounding cities of California.


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