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Cyst and Mass Removal Surgery

While cysts are generally harmless, they can cause discomfort and even an undesirable appearance. Bakersfield Sinus Center is proud to offer cyst and mass removal surgery to help men and women residing in and around Bakersfield and Porterville, CA, eliminate these growths.

What is Cyst and Mass Removal Surgery?

Cyst and mass removal surgery involves a number of surgical techniques that are used to eliminate unwanted growths on or in the body. There are many types of masses and cysts that can develop, each with different causes. However, diseases and infections are among the most common causes of cyst and mass growth.

Cysts and masses can be hard, soft, painful, growing, or small and untroubling. If they become uncomfortable or potentially dangerous, we often recommend having them removed. Cysts and masses can develop anywhere, although we commonly treat thyroid cysts and other masses involving the mouth, nose, and throat.

Cyst and Mass Removal Surgery in Bakersfield, CA
Cyst and Mass Removal Surgery in Bakersfield, CA

Why Choose Satish R. Vadapalli, MD for Your Cyst and Mass Removal Surgery?

Dr. Vadapalli specializes in procedures involving the mouth, nose, and the surrounding areas of the face. With over two decades of experience, he is an ideal candidate for performing cyst and mass removal surgery and related procedures. No matter what treatment you are receiving, you can always expect the attentive and personalized care for which we are known.

What is the Cyst and Mass Removal Surgery Treatment Like?

Cyst and mass removal surgery is typically performed with the aid of anesthesia. The type of anesthesia we use will depend on the size and location of your growth. After numbing the treatment area, we will make an incision in the skin. This will enable us to remove the cyst in its entirety. Once the cyst is removed, we will close the incision and the treatment will be complete. The cyst and mass removal procedure usually takes about one hour to perform.

What is the Cyst and Mass Removal Surgery Recovery Like?

Recovery from cyst and mass surgery is relatively brief, although it can vary depending on the size and location of the cyst. We may provide you with antibiotics or other medications to aid you in the recovery process. It is important that you take these as prescribed to ensure proper healing and minimal discomfort. 

If we removed a cyst, mass or growth from the inside of your throat or mouth, any incisions will be concealed on the inside of the body. However, if a cyst was removed from the skin’s surface, you will likely develop a scar as a result of this procedure.

What Results Can I Expect from Cyst and Mass Removal Surgery?

After cyst and mass removal, your growth will be completely removed from your body. After your initial recovery period, the treatment area should return to normal save for some light scarring. It is rare that cysts grow back, but in that event, we can perform the procedure a second time or explore other treatment options.

Are you looking to have a cyst or mass removed? Bakersfield Sinus Center can help you get the results you desire. If you are located in Bakersfield, Porterville or the neighboring areas of California, contact us today to schedule your initial appointment.


"I have been a patient of Dr. Vadapalli since 2006 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I have always been happy with the service I received at this office. Dr. Vadapalli is an attentive and caring doctor. I highly recommend him for your medical needs."

-Judy T.


"Excellent service, clean, prompt, professional. Dr. Vadapalli is awesome, kind, great bedside manner. Made me feel very comfortable. So happy to have found the group."

-Jackie C.